Jun 13

Learning to not be “nice”

Renting space

As I sat down in her chair, something inside me said this was going to be a bumpy ride.  This wasn’t going to be relaxing or restful.

I was about to fight another demon. She wasn’t the demon herself, but she sure as heck was about to trigger the demon inside of me.

The …

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Apr 09

Cleansing fear

Hello miracle watchers!  Long time, no talk. 

Thank you all so much for your ongoing messages of support and love.  They mean the world to me!  Being with my mom through her cancer treatment experience has been both challenging and wonderful, and I’m sure I’ll have lots to share about it in the months …

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Dec 17

Finding our Muchness during chemo

Yesterday my mom had her first chemotherapy treatment.  About 99% of you — including some of my close friends — are now saying, “Oh my gosh, I had no idea!!”

Mom and I haven’t been keeping it a secret, but we’ve mostly only talked with a small group of very close friends and family. We …

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Oct 31

Who needs a vacation?


I have a confession.  Things have been kind of rocky for me lately. Things have gotten waaaay out of balance and the result is that I’ve been out-of-sorts for quite a while.

I love what I do.  I’m proud of the work that I’ve been doing here on the Journal and out in the world. …

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Oct 23

Will you be my SOULmate?

Recently I was approached by the founder of the Society of Ultimate Living (SOUL), Karen Auld, asking if I’d like to be featured as a SOULmate on her website.  Who in the world would turn down the opportunity to be a soulmate?!?!  Especially when I’m still searching to find my soulmate!!

Karen does such wonderful …

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Oct 20

A love letter to my mom

Every once in a while my mom will pick up the phone to find me on the other end saying, “I owe you an apology.”

Her response is usually a stammering, “Oh….uh….okay……..?”

One such conversation happened a couple years ago – it was in the early days of The Miracle Journal, and things were opening …

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Oct 03

Sexual healing

You know how people talk about “the first day of the rest of their lives”?  Well, this kinda feels like that because I’m about to share some things I’ve never spoken about publicly before.  And it’s big.  Really, really big.  And I’m doing it because I’ve felt like I was alone in the shadows for …

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Sep 29

Vision and a voice


Tonight’s guest post is from Virginia Cunningham, a freelance writer in Los Angeles who specializes in special needs, alternative medicine and other health issues. She also works with Northwest Pharmacy. After learning how to appreciate everything she’s learned through this journey with HPE, she also educates parents with special needs children about special educations laws …

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