Mar 07

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A snowy miracle

I was scheduled to work at the newspaper this afternoon.  It’s usually about a 25 minute drive, but thanks to the big icy snow storm we’ve had over the last 24 hours, I knew I needed extra time to clean off my car.  I also figured the driving might be a little slow, so I left the house over an hour before I needed to be there.

Cleaning off my car was a treat – a layer of ice encased the car, covered by about eight inches of snow, topped off by another half inch of ice.  My snowbrush turned into something closer to a hacksaw.  I finally sawed/brushed/scraped my way through and had the car clean enough to get on the road.  I was victorious!

I’d heard cars drive up and down the hill outside my apartment for several hours, so I knew the roads were passable.  In a reversal of the usual conditions, the hill wasn’t a problem but the highway was scary!  I was going about 25 miles per hour and all I could hear running through my head were the police logs of accidents due to snow and ice that I’ve been typing up for the last couple of months. I didn’t want to be the subject of one of those accident logs!

I’d been stubborn enough to insist on going out, but it only took me two highway exits (about 3 miles) to realize that I was being stupid.

The miracle is that I allowed common sense to overrule stubborn stupidity and I got home safely. I called the newspaper and they were happy that I wasn’t out on the roads. The voices in my head told me I would be wimpy or irresponsible to let a little snow keep me from going to work. The truth is that I was being much smarter and MORE responsible by staying safe at home.

I wonder what the roads will be like tomorrow?!?

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