Mar 11

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The miracle of bad timing

Several weeks ago I realized that I was running dangerously low on contact lenses.  All I needed was one good cry and I’d exhaust my supply (just curious – does anyone else find that crying while you’ve got your soft contacts in hastens their demise?)

At the time of this discovery, I was preparing for my trip to Canada and I figured that if I ordered a batch of new lenses that night, there would be just enough time for me to receive them before I left.  Perfect! I thought.  I got out my credit card, fired up the website I order from and…couldn’t order them because my prescription had expired.  Bugger!

I went to Canada with just the one pair of spare lenses and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t need them.  Thankfully I didn’t.

Today I had an appointment with my eye doctor.  He’s a great guy and, despite the fact that he shines really bright lights in my eye, I like him a lot.

Here’s the cool part – I had only sort of vaguely realized that I am squinting a bit now.  I never used to.  But, of course, he noticed it right away.  He did the whole “Is A better or B?  A or B?  1 or 2?” routine.  Then he put some letters up on the screen for me to read…and when I did, he said, “That’s astonishing.  Very few people can read those.”  He told me it was 10/20 vision.  Amazing.

He adjusted my prescription and ordered a box of lenses for me to try.  I’m excited!  And to think…if my prescription had been in date six weeks ago, I wouldn’t have gone to see him and I wouldn’t have known that I could see the world so much more clearly.  Thank goodness my timing was so bad six weeks ago so I could have this little miracle (and better vision) today!  🙂

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