Jan 03

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The cross stitch

A few weeks ago, as things were falling apart with Mr. Blue Eyes, I had the sudden urge to do a cross stitch. I did a few projects in high school and then I’d pick it up again periodically when I was out on the road working in theatre.  I haven’t done one in years.

Last week I found a kit online that I thought looked really interesting, so I ordered it.  A few days later, I was sorting through a drawer and found one that I had started so long ago I didn’t even remember it…and it was already about 1/2 done!  Which meant that I was able to pick it up and dive right in without having to face a blank canvas.

I’ve been working on it for the last week and I’m getting pretty close to being done with the major stitching.  Then comes the finishing detail work (which frankly, I’ve never been very good at, but I’ll give it a good try anyway!)

I think I’ve needed something to keep my hands and my analytical brain occupied while the rest of me sorts through the rest of what’s been going on.

It’s nice to have this thing to work on and bring toward completion. And it was great to find this sitting in the drawer while I waited for the new one to be delivered. It got here the other day, so when I finish this one, I can move right on to the next one.  I’m excited about it because it’s an evening scene and I’ll be stitching it on dark blue fabric – so elegant!  🙂

Do you have something that is waiting to be completed?
What would it take for you to complete it?

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  1. Leslie

    Channel your love into something lasting and beautiful!<3

    1. Leah Carey

      Thanks Leslie. 🙂

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