Jul 24

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Nature’s own miracle

Last night an incredibly fierce storm blew through the area.  Actually, to say it blew through is sort of inaccurate.  That would imply that it came and then it left within a short period of time.  This storm stayed and stayed and stayed.

The lightning started without any preamble.  There was a huge flash and then suddenly it was pouring torrentially.  Moments later, the wind started howling unlike I’ve heard it in a long time.

That’s when I unplugged the computer (which is why there was no Miracle Journal post last night.)

My apartment has a north facing window and a south facing window (okay, those of you who know my sense of geography know that I TOTALLY just made up which directions they’re facing.  They are, however, on opposite sides of the building.)  The lightning and thunder were happening equally on both sides of the building.  And close.  Let’s not forget how incredibly close it all was.

I didn’t want to take a bath (sitting in water in an electrical storm… seems like a bad idea.)  I had all my electrical stuff unplugged.  So I read for a while.  When I got tired of reading I turned off the lights and watched the storm.

There was a period of about an hour when the sky looked like a strobe light – constant flashing between the clouds, with a major lightning bolt hitting the ground every minute or so.  It was incredible to watch.  I also got some good thinking done. 🙂

During a brief break in the storm, I went to Facebook to let everyone know there wouldn’t be a posting.  The responses were totally awesome:

“Nature’s electric miracle. =)”

“What a show huh?!” (from a local person who was living through the same storm)

And my favorite – “When you think about it, lightning is a miracle all on its own.”

So there you have it.  Lightning.  Nature’s own miracle.


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