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“If you’re looking for speakers who can uplift you, motivate you, and inspire you, call Leah.”
–Dr. Stem Mahlatini, Global Counseling & Coaching

Want an uplifting and inspirational speaker and teacher for your next event? I’d love to talk with you about your needs!

I am currently on a hiatus from public speaking as I support my mother through treatment for cancer. I hope to begin booking speaking gigs again in May 2014.

“As educators we have the great pleasure of working with children and families. We were very fortunate to find Leah Carey to start our year off right! Her enthusiasm for finding joy throughout life was contagious. Leah’s ‘Miraculous Seven Principles” were both a reminder and an inspiration to the staff. What a wonderful way to start our year!”

If you’d like to discuss a presentation for your event or organization when I return from hiatus,

Let's Talk!


I do freelance writing for a variety of organizations that have been featured online and in print (alumni magazines, regional and national journals, etc.). My strength and passion is in human interest stories. You can view my portfolio by clicking here.

“Thanks so much, Leah. You are wonderful!”
“This piece is beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work.”

If you’d like me to write for your organization,

Let's Talk!

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