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I’m Not Perfect Certificate

What about those days when you feel like your accomplishments just don’t measure up?  I understand – I’m a member of the Recovering Perfectionists Club, too.  On those days, it’s important to recognize the fact that it’s okay to be a little less than perfect.

Would you yell at a child who is learning to walk for falling on her bum?  Of course not!  That’s the process of learning.  We tend to yell at ourselves every time we fall, rather than seeing that with each attempt we’re getting closer to walking!

Let’s celebrate our imperfections!  The point is not to give up in the face of our imperfection; instead, it’s to remind ourselves that even when we’re imperfect, we’re still worthy of love, acceptance, and celebration.

Here is a “Not Perfect Certificate” to celebrate ourselves in all of our non-perfection. Print out a few each night and fill them in.  Keep them in a folder or binder so you can look back over them any time.


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