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Hello and welcome to The Miracle Journal! If you want to find more joy in your life, you’re in the right place.

Several times a week I write my own stories of finding large and small miracles in my life.  Sometimes they’re obviously wonderful things.  Sometimes they’re the “diamond in the rough” type of miracles that require some polishing to find the beauty.  I also share my insights into life, and I invite all readers – including YOU! – to share your own miracles here on the Journal. Click here to find out more.

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The Best of The Miracle Journal

There is a lot of content on The Miracle Journal to sink your teeth into. To make it easier for you to get started, here’s a collection of some of my favorite miracles:

Old Friends Are The Best Friends
The Miracle of Amazing Men
Being My Own Soulmate
The Miracle of Amnesia
Walking My Talk
The Miracle of Choosing To Respect Myself
The Miracle of a YUMMY Body
The Miracle of A Life Saved
Budgeting On A Variable Income
The Miracle of Reliving a Cherished Memory
The Miracle of Glee
The Miracle of Fluidity
The Miracle of God’s Serenade
The Icebreaker Miracle
The Miracle of the Financial Aid Officer
The Miracle of Refusing Drama
The First Postcard
The View from the Middle
What Happens When You Stop Believing a Lie?
An Ode to Mrs. Kelley
Who Is Deserving?
The Miracle of Extraordinary Love

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