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The 30-Day Miracle Challenge

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Are you ready to see big changes in your life? Are you ready to invite in more miracles than you thought were possible?

Since starting this journal, I’ve noticed more and more amazing and joyful things happening in my life. By paying attention, I’ve created an atmosphere in my life that INVITES miracles in!

During the 30-Day Miracle Challenge, I invite you to create a space for miracles in your life!


  • Choose an area of your life that you’re not 100% happy with – it could be love, work, money, family, or even your annoying neighbor. Anything that you wish were a little (or a lot) different or better is perfect!
  • September 15 is DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I’ll put up a Miracle Challenge Declaration post. Use the comment feature to declare the area of your life that you’ve decided to focus on. (If you join us after Sept. 15, you can add your declaration at any time.)
  • At some point each day from Sept. 15 through Oct. 14, focus for a minute or two to find something about the issue you’ve chosen that you can be even a teeny-tiny bit grateful for.
  • Each morning I’ll put up a Miracle Challenge post on the Journal. Use the comment feature to add your daily miracle.  Remember that my definition of a MIRACLE is any “shift in consciousness“, so the tiny shift toward gratitude IS the miracle!
  • For instance, this month I’m going to work on the issue of finances.  The first day my miracle might be that I’ve always had enough money to buy food.  The second day my miracle might be that I just had a vacation where I paid my airfare and almost everything else was taken care of for me. And so on for 30 days…
  • As you focus on the positive bits for 30 days, watch how the miracles get bigger and your attitudes shift!
  • Think your issue is impossible and couldn’t possibly change?  That’s okay!  Try it for 10 days and see how you feel.  Let us know how you’re feeling so that we can all cheer you on!


Yes indeed!  There are PRIZES!!!

These are three definite prizes.  I might decide to make up more if the mood strikes me.  😉

  • Most frequent miracle-finder – 45-minute Miracle Coaching Session – At the end of the 30 days, I’ll tally up who has posted the most daily miracles and that person will win a Miracle Coaching Session with me.  If more than one person ties for the most posted miracles, I’ll randomly choose a name from those with the highest totals.
  • Biggest shift in consciousness – 45-minute Miracle Coaching Session – At the end of the 30 days, I’ll choose the person who I think has had the biggest shift and/or a particularly interesting journey (regardless of how many times they have posted) and they’ll win a Miracle Coaching Session with me.
  • Body image shift – Signed copy of Transforming Your Body Image – Because I have a particular interest in people who are working on loving the body they’re in, I’ll randomly choose from amongst the people who work on any body-related issue to receive a signed copy of my book.


If you miss a day – don’t worry! Just join us again tomorrow!  Remember – the prizes aren’t all about who posts the most, so if you miss a few days it’s quite all right.

Cost – This is a totally free event.  Tell your friends, tell your family. Let’s spread the joy of making miracles happen!

Anonymity – You are welcome to post under your own full name if you’d like. If you prefer to use just your first name or a made up name, that’s fine too. This is the internet – no one will ever know!!

Why will it create miracles? – The more I focus on what’s right, the more right-ness I see in my world. I invite you to spend 30 days concentrating on what’s already RIGHT in your world – thus shifting your attitude to invite in more miracles and more goodness!

Questions? Please post them as comments to this page so that everyone can see the answers.

I’m so excited to share this adventure with you!

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